Saturday, 15 May 2010

So many things, for such a small baby!

I think one of the most daunting things as a new parent, is how much kit a baby comes with! I once got told that a baby can 'live in a basket in the corner'... The woman who said that, seriously deranged!

Yes, a baby may be small, but the equipment needed to care for that baby, not so small. And not so cheap either!

You may feel pressurised to buy all the top of the range gadgets and gismos during your pregnancy. But the reality is, its just not always nessacary. Don't get me wrong, I dont know a single parent that has bought just the bare minimum for thier baby and nothing else. Everyone indulges in a few little luxuries at some point! But figuring out what is nessacary and whats just a commodity, can be challenging for someone whos never had any exposure to babies before!

So, I have compiled a list of items that, in MY opinion, are essential, and if they aren't essential, make your life a little bit easier!

  • Moses Basket/Crib
  • Bedding (sheets x 4, blankets x 5)
  • Pram
  • Car seat
  • Car sunshades
  • Changing Bag
  • Bouncer or swing
  • Play gym or other similar toy
  • Top and tail bowl
  • Cotton Wool balls or pleats
  • Nappies
  • Nappy bags
  • Baby wipes
  • Sudocrem or similar barrier cream
  • Sponge
  • Baby toiletries (baby bath, shampoo, etc)
  • Nail scissors
  • Hairbrush
  • Cuddle robes/baby towels (x3)
  • Muslin Squares (as many as you can get your hands on! minimum of 10)
  • Bibs (x 10)
  • Bottles (x4, if bottle feeding)
  • Sterilising equipment (if bottle feeding or expressing)
  • Breast pump (if breast feeding)
  • Bottle Brush (if needed)

This list doesn't include clothes, as clothing can be a confusing issue, and I would rather go into more depth at another time. But I would definately say that these items are bare nessacities as far as general baby care is concerned.

If your trying to save a few quid, try checking out nearly new sales, car boot sales, and local newspapers for second hand items. These can be invaluble if your trying to find a second hand pram or crib, and want to be able to thoroughly check the product first. DO NOT buy second hand car seats, and if your offered one from a family member, be 100% certain that its not been involved in any accident, no matter how small. Even small bumps can damage the internal parts of the car seat with no visual damage, and this can compromise the safety of the seat.

I guess, in the end, it all depends on your budget, and what you want. You may want the latest touch sensitive baby monitor that has an alarm if baby's breathing pattern changes, but you may be like me, and be able to hear your baby no matter what room in the house you are in!! So, it is all about personal preference. Have fun searching for your baby items, take pleasure in the art of 'nesting', and enjoy those last few shopping trips before your baby gets here. They will never be the same again!

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