Friday, 7 May 2010

"I have NO expectations. Is that a good thing??"

This was a quote said to me by a close friend about her baby, due in August.

I guess we all have some expectations about what being a mother (or father!) will be like. I expected horrendous stretches of late nights, hours of crying and no social life whatsoever. But I was lucky. Erica slept well. Very well! The midwife, on home visits, was very impressed that Erica had managed to sleep from 2am till 10 am straight one night - not that I told her i spent the time from 9pm till 2am crying over the fact that Erica didnt want to do anything but chomp at my nipple! But still, I was proud. Very proud. And the 8 hour sleep did me the world of good.

So It did defy my expectations. Along with some other 'milestones'...

  • First day home, first nappy change, Erica managed to projectile-poo about 45cm past the end of the changing mat where it ran down the TV. Serves me right for having a change station in the lounge i guess!
  • The little 'period' baby girls have. one word. ewwww.
  • How difficult breastfeeding can be. Not easy. Definately NOT easy.
  • First weaning experience. More food on her face than in her belly!
  • Projectile Vomiting. Think 'The Exorcist' but cuter!
  • The first trip to A&E. Yes, she only has a temperature, but shes poorly and i want her fixing now! (at 3 am)
  • The second trip to A&E. The one where she throws her self out of her cot at 8 months old and ends up with a carpet burn on her forehead! (I think I was more traumatised than she was!) How the hell does an 8 month old fall out of a cot anyway?!
  • The first word. So cute. Makes you so proud. That is until one of the next words she learns is 'Oh shit'. Woopsies.
  • The first time you leave them at a creche or playgroup. And you go to the loo to have a little cry because they didnt even notice you leave.
  • The first scrap. This happened recently for us. Birthday party + Funfactory = fighting, a bloody nose and A&E.

I think the nurses at A&E are going to assume i have Munchausens Syndrome.

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