Monday, 20 September 2010


Firstly, I must apologise for the very late birth announcement! Turns out, 2 kids... no time!
Anyway, Olivia Isabella was born in july, on her due date, after an induction for pre-eclampsia. Pre-clampsia is a condition that affects a large amount of pregnant women (but still the minority), your blood pressure raises and there becomes large amounts of protien in your urine, which are all indicator that this condition is causing problems to your liver. The only cure.. delivery of the placenta (and the baby that is attached to it!)

Im so on top of the world right now, my new daughter is beautiful and so contented! Im very proud and actually, couldnt ask for more!!

Her sister Erica, is taking the new addition very well. She is very loving towards her, sometimes a bit too loving!! I have to be super careful that she doesnt squish her! But so far, so good!!

Olivia is taking everything in her stride. She hardly crys and has been a natural breastfeeder from day one. She has a huge appetite which finds her attached to my boobs about 12 times a day, but, at nealrly 10 weeks old, im loving it still!!

The only thing that I have majorly noticed is how much work i have to do!! Washing and cleaning and, because i spend half my time stuck to the sofa with Olivia, Erica runs riot and gets out every single toy she owns! Not to play with them, but just because mummy is preoccupied!

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